Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stationery Sunday

I have a slight little obsession with stationery. I could spend hours and hours looking at it in a store and I am always convincing myself why I need another pack of thank you notes or monogrammed notecards (even though most of the time, it's really not that justified :]). 

Earlier this summer I discovered the blog, Inslee. I instantly scrolled through all the archives and looked at all of her sketches in awe. I love the way she transforms beautiful fashions into effortless drawings. She has such a great talent and in addition to her sketches, she has a stationery line that I am obviously in love with! 

I think this card would make an adorable invitation for a dinner party.

I think this is so cute for a winter greeting card. You don't have to ski to use it though do you? :)

Another great card for the holidays!

Inslee has so many other great card options that you can purchase here. 

Another stationery company that I've recently discovered is Ashley Brooke Designs. I love these cards because you can get them designed to have yourself on your own stationery. She actually works with you and creates several proofs to make sure that she comes up with the best design to fit your personality. Here are some of my favorites

Love, love, love these two ladies who are adding an adorable twist to the traditional monogrammed stationery!

Have a great week!

The Beginning!

Hello Blog World!

I am beyond excited to be starting up this blog where I intend to post on what I'm currently loving in fashion, beauty and entertainment. I've been reading blogs for years and am finally taking the plunge and starting my own! I know that it can be a lot of work to run a quality blog, but I've also heard that it can be so rewarding to know that what you write about is read by and valued by others. I am looking forward to sharing my interests with the blog world and couldn't be more excited to get started!

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