Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Holidays

The time between November 1-December 31 is my favorite time of year, although I would have to say that Christmas is probably my favorite holiday overall. I just love everything about this season!

- There are pretty lights
- (Mostly) Everyone is in a good mood
- Holiday drinks are yummy
- I could spend days and days baking holiday treats
- You get to catch up with friends and family
- I love the sound of a crackling fire in the fireplace
- Curling up under a blanket with a book and a cup of tea
- Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade followed by stuffing myself with homemade pancakes
- The anticipation building up to Thanksgiving dinner after spending the day cooking some of the most delicious food around
- That fact that it's perfectly acceptable to spend a day doing nothing but relaxing
- Candles burning with rich, wintery scents (my favorite)
- Buying gifts for others and knowing when you've found the perfect one
- Belting out Mariah's All I Want For Christmas Is You with my sister
- Sitting by the window watching snow fall lazily
- Cozy sweaters
- Bringing up all the boxes of Christmas decorations
- Garland hung throughout the house 
- Golden glittery snowflakes
- Decorating the tree and hanging the stockings
- Driving around and looking at lights
-Twinkling lights wrapped around trees and peeking out from under the snow

This list could continue forever. There's not one thing I don't like about the holiday season, and although it bothers some people that decorations appear the day after Halloween and that holiday songs seem to begin playing earlier and earlier every year, I don't mind at all. If it was up to me, the holidays and their spirit would last year-round :)

What is you favorite thing about the holidays? Do you have any unique traditions?

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