Saturday, December 3, 2011

Favorite Five

Hello everyone, sorry I've been gone for so long, no excuses, but I'm planning on posting on a regular schedule from now on. 
Today I thought I would name some things that I've been enjoying this week!

1. Cute new products that I'm lusting over from the boutique that I work at 

Definitely love this quote and love the sparkles on these bracelets 

2. Christmas Decorations
My family almost has all of our decorations put up, although we still have to buy our tree! I love decorating for the holidays with a fire burning, candles light, and some classic holiday songs playing throughout the house! In my opinion, there really is nothing better during this time of year {unless of course, it is snowing!}

3. Etsy
Just like Pinterest, Etsy is a site that I could browse for hours and have the day dwindle away in front of me as I find adorable handmade items. I've become so in love, in fact, that I've decided to start my own shop. Right now I'm currently selling a few Christmas cards and I'm adding more daily. If you are looking for something little to add to a gift or send to a friend I would love for you to check out my Etsy shop, Lisi & Lilly. Also, if there is anything particular that you would like to see me make, I would LOVE to take your suggestions!! {Sorry for that shameless plug} But aside from my own shop, every time I visit Etsy, I find myself in a constant struggle to not buy everything that I click on. 

4. Reading other blogs
I love reading other blogs as much as I love writing for mine, and finding a new blog that I connect with and have a desire to go back through and read every archived post is like Christmas morning in my opinion. Some of my current favorites are:
LoLu Fully Loaded {she also has a YouTube channel where she does beauty vlogs. I think she is gorgeous and that this is such a great supplement to her blog!}
Anticipation! This is a blog that I've just recently found and love following along with Taylor's life. She's also a fantastic artist.
Sequins and Stripes Such a great fashion blog!
Life In Grace I love this blog so much. Check out her house tour; I've decided that I need to live there one day.
Momma Rake Melissa is a "mom blogger" {could ya tell from the name of her blog? ;)} and I think that she has the most adorable children and style. She's currently on a blogging break, but she'll be back next year!
The College Prepster This is one of the very first blogs that I started reading after my sister showed it to me. I remember getting back from class one day last year and going through every single post because I just couldn't get enough. 

5. Relaxing!
Right now I'm loving the fact that I'm on break from Thanksgiving until after New Years. I'm sure I'll regret this later in the summer when I'm still taking finals in June and all my friends back home are catching up and getting together, but for now I'm enjoying the time that I have off and not having any assignments looming over my head. 

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  1. I'm so jealous that you're already on break! I wish I was at home enjoying Christmas decorations!


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