Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Midterms: How I Study

My midterms started Monday and for the next two weeks I will be on full drive, coffee in hand and brain running a million miles a minute, at all times. There's no question that midterms are a stressful week for any college student, but if you schedule things right and have a great study plan, there's no reason why you can't survive them. 

- Study your notes and use the textbook as a supplement. 
With every class that I've ever taken, the questions that were on exams were created from what my professors discussed in class. Don't spend hours outlining the book, but instead focus on what was covered in class. If you're confused about something in your notes, use the book to explain it to you. This will save you so much time! It may seem completely obvious, but I still hear of people who study by re-reading through every single chapter that's been assigned. I don't know about you, but I sure don't have time for that. 

- Get Sleep!!
This is huge for me. Even with eight hours of sleep, I can wake up the next morning feeling as if I just woke up from a nap. I've never had to pull an all-nighter, and honestly, if I did, I can probably guarantee that I would not be a functioning person the next day. Plus it's proven that sleep helps you cement everything you've been studying into your brain, which will help you way more than cramming the night before will. I credit my ability to get at least seven hours of sleep every night to...

- Planning
Another thing that is so key during this time. Plan, plan, schedule and then check your plan again and make sure it works. Have goals for what you want to accomplish every day and make sure that they're small enough to be accomplishable. Don't aim to write a paper the day before it's due, but instead take a week and break it into smaller chunks. Of course it's inevitable that there will be that one assignment every now and then that you're caught until that last minute to complete, but don't make a habit out of it, it causes too much stress. Stress = zits. Zits = bad. So just plan ahead and you'll have fabulous skin {If only that was the only factor...}For everyone that is as obsessed with making to-do lists as I am, you're probably already a pro at this, but it helps so so much!

-Know what works for you
I have friends that could never imagine being able to study in their rooms, but for me that's the best place to get work done. If I'm at the library, I spend more time worrying about the volume on my headphones and end up people watching more than I should. As nice as it sounds to have a study buddy for every class, realize that you may have different studying styles and that you may have to go solo for a little bit to ensure that you accomplish what you need to get done. 

What are your study tips? What works best for you during exam weeks?

xo, Ellyse

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trend: Turquoise

Last spring was when I first fell in love with anything turquoise colored. I bought Essie's Turquoise and Caicos and wore it on my nails pretty much non-stop until I got to the bottom of the bottle. Ever since then I have been drawn to the color and can't get enough! {Have you seen the new blouse I picked up last week? Definitely proves my point.} It's the perfect color for spring and goes great with some lovely gold accessories!

What color are you looking forward to wearing this spring?
Hope you're having a great weekend!
xo, Ellyse

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!
This week I'm doing a What I'm Loving post and linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love!

I'm loving pretty much everything from J. Crew. Sometimes I can walk into the store and not be drawn to anything, but not this season. I've been finding myself wanting one of everything!

I'm loving that this quarter is almost halfway over. This quarter is definitely the busiest one I've ever had. 

I'm loving looking at internships for this summer. Although I mentioned on Twitter that it's extremely time consuming, it is exciting thinking about what I could potentially be doing this summer!

I'm loving this shirt I found at Forever21 over the weekend. I want to wear it everywhere and never take it off. If it was acceptable to shower with clothes on, I most definitely would for this baby. 
You can't tell very well because of the Instagram effect, but it is in the most gorgeous shade of turquoise I have ever seen and it's soft and delicate and flowing...like I said, I'm in love. 

As you could probably tell from above, I'm loving Instagram. It encourages me to a. actually take picture and b. be a little artsy fartsy with them :)

And finally, I'm loving that my future husband Nick Jonas is now playing the lead role in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway. His opening night was last night and from what I heard, it was spectacular. I'm still working on convincing my mom that I need to go to NYC for my birthday this summer, but hopefully everything will work out and I'll be able to make it to a performance. 

xo, Ellyse 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday - Recipes!

The excitement in this post is pretty self-explanatory. Who doesn't love to eat? This week I'll be linking up with Rachel at Just Peachy! 
Just Peachy

All of the recipes I've included are from my Pinterest food board.

Taco dip or Seven Layer dip. I am a total sucker for this and it does have a reputation of not being the best dish for you. Thanks to Pinterest though, I have managed to find some healthier recipes.

Side Dish
In all honesty, my favorite dish would be Macaroni and Cheese.
I've never tried this Gnocchi Mac and Cheese dish, but I'm willing to bet it's delicious!

However, a healthier favorite would have to be Caprese Salad. I could eat Caprese for every meal, every single day.

Main Dish
Chicken Picatta! Although I will have to admit that this is a dish that tends to change a lot, but for the moment, I'll go with the chicken!

How am I ever supposed to possibly just pick one dessert? Let's just say this is not my only favorite dessert...
Right now I'm obsessed with Red Velvet anything as you can probably tell from my previous post, so I'm going to pick these Red Velvet Crepes.

Honestly, as simple as it may be, my favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer. I can never have enough!

xo, Ellyse

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Heaven in a Cup

Please tell me you've heard of Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet Cake ice cream.

I'm so obsessed. One of my friends tweeted about it last week and I instantly knew that I had to go on a mission to find it. 

Well, I found it, and I've pretty much been scarfing it down every night since then. 

It is delish and I seriously recommend trying it as soon as possible. I think I've found a new favorite, and that's a lot to say coming from a girl who will never order anything other than Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Also on a totally separate note, Katie at His Diamond and Mine is having an amazing giveaway right now! Head on over and enter to win a Marley and Lilly Monogrammed Peyton Bag!

xo, Ellyse

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

J'adore Paris

That's about as French as it gets around here despite my love for the city.

I've been fortunate enough to travel to Paris a few times and every time I visit, I think I fall more and more in love with the city. The elegant architecture and the fact that it's the token city of romance make it the most perfect city in the entire world in my opinion.

Seeing gorgeous pictures on Pinterest all the time, definitely doesn't help my desire to travel there either. I know some people studying abroad there right now and seeing all their gorgeous pictures on Facebook always makes me look back fondly on my visits. 

These pictures are from my most recent trip there during the summer of my junior year of high school. All photo creds go to Lil' Sis who decides to be the artsy one in the family and take pictures when we travel

And of course I had to include a couple Pinterest finds :)

I'm totally and completely in love!

Have you ever been to Paris? What's your favorite city that you've ever visited? 

xo, Ellyse

P.S. I was lucky enough to win a pair of Jack Rogers from Rebecca at The Clothes Horse. I seriously can't thank her enough for hosting such a generous giveaway!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Glamour

Obviously the day after an award show calls for me to discuss all my favorite attire. The thing I love at the Golden Globes and the Oscars is that it's all about glamour and not focused on who can out-do Lady Gaga. I definitely get annoyed by musicians showing up and wearing outrageous outfits, so I love when the classy award shows are on and I can see some real fashion!

I think Reese Witherspoon could wear a paper bag and I would still be in love with her. She can do no wrong in my book and this is such a fabulous color on her! Plus she looks like she's 20....

This was a tie for my favorite dress this year and this picture in no way does it justice! I saw her arrive on the red carpet and you could see all the gorgeous detailing and beading. The beautiful, soft color just adds to the elegance of this dress. I'm in love!

This is the other dress that ties for first in my book. I can't even put into words how gorgeous this is. The color, the bow, the headband. I love it all and if anyone can pull it off, it's Charlize.

Um, no wonder she's dating George Clooney. Seriously, I dare you to find one flaw, and anyone who can pull off red like that is automatically stunning {see Reese Witherspoon example above}.

Some other favorites that I loved:

Lace, lace, lace!

Love the simplicity and love the turquoise statement necklace even more!! 

Gorgeous as always! This dusty lavender is such a great color on her too.

And of course we can't forget the men!
Any man can instantly look ten times more gorgeous in a tux, but Gerard takes the cake for tonight. 

I tried to find a picture of my all-time favorite celeb Jakey {yes we're on a nick name basis}, but Mr. Gyllenhaal seemed to have been quite elusive on the red carpet last night. He looked adorable as usual when he was presenting though...swoon.

What were your favorites of the night?

xo Ellyse

 All images via People

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outfits of the Week

Sweater - J.Crew
Top - Juicy Couture
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Ralph Lauren
Nails - Sew Psyched by Essie

Shirt Dress - Forever 21
Leggings - VFish from a local boutique
Belt - J. Crew
Boots - Ralph Lauren 
Nails - Sew Psyched by Essie

Vest - J.Crew
Top - Gap
Jeans - Abercrombie & Fitch 
Rain Boots - Sperry Topsider
Nails - Paradise Pink by Milani

I literally wear boots everyday, but honestly I have to or else my feet will literally freeze. I can't wear flats or Sperry's or anything that does not enclose my entire foot in the wintertime because I have a slight problem called poor circulation, which causes my feet become painfully numb. As much as I'm embarrassed to admit it, in high school I would wear Uggs everyday because they were the only shoes that would keep my feet warm throughout the day. Awful I know, but at least they were comfortable ;)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday - Favorite Supplies

Linking up with Rachel at Just Peachy

Just Peachy

I made a slight adaptation to this week's Top 5 Tuesday and decided to include some craft supplies as well.
I love, love, love doing crafts and all the supplies that go along with them, and the thought of picking out new notebooks and pencil cases at the end of summer makes me so giddy! What a fabulous Top 5 Tuesday!

Hands down my favorite, favorite, favorite craft supply ever would have to be my Silhouette Cameo that I received from my parents for Christmas. You can make EVERYTHING with this and I get so excited just thinking about it {hehe how dorky of me}. I haven't had a whole lot of time to play around with it yet and I didn't bring it to school with me, but you can bet that when I'm home on breaks, I'll be crafting like no other!

Glitter obviously goes without saying!

Switching over to school supplies now, I LOVE these Sharpie Pens. They write so smoothly and they don't bleed like the traditional Sharpie marker. 

Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you how I have a slight obsession with Post-Its. I'm not even kidding, I have a basket full of them and seem to receive them as gifts all the time. I wish I was at home so I could take a picture of my collection to prove to you I'm not kidding :). I write everything on them--assignments, grocery lists, names of my future children...and the fact that you can just peel them off and stick them somewhere else is perfect for my organization fetish. At any given time you'll see several of these stuck all over my desk.

And finally, even though I know I've probably already talked about this enough, my favorite school supply would have to be my Lilly Pulitzer agenda a.k.a. the keeper of my life. There would be no possible way that I could get by without one!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Snippets

It's Sunday, it's cloudy and cold out, and I'm starting to get sick. All I want to is lay in bed cuddled up next to a box of tissues and my remote while I alternate between watching episodes of the Kardashians and Gossip Girl on Netflix and the Dance Moms marathon. 


I have so much reading to do {and it's only the first week of class....it's going to be a long quarter}. So I've just made myself a cup of coffee and have gotten myself cozy with a highlighter and a two foot stack of books, hunkered down for a long evening. 

However, on a brighter note:

- Desperate Housewives is back, after their random month-long hiatus {not a fan ABC, not a fan}. What's even going on anymore??
- I went shopping at some boutiques in the city yesterday and got some goodies at Lush and an awesome deal on a Michael Stars t-shirt. 
The Green Bubble Bar and Vit E & Moon and Sun Toner Tabs. The bubble bar is supposed to be super moisturizing and gives me an excuse to take a bubble bath. The woman at the store told me that you twist it open like an Oreo and then you use one side and crumble it under the water as your bath tub fills up. Definitely can't wait to try it! The tabs get dissolved in hot water and then you can give yourself a mini facial. The Moon and Sun tab is supposed to help with acne and the Vit E tab is good for making your skin super smooth--two things that I'm always on the look out for!

$15 dollars for a Michael Stars black V-Neck?! I'll definitely take it! I live in basics like these, so anytime I see one for an outrageously good deal, there's no way that I can resist snatching it up!

Hope everyone has a lovely week,

P.S. I'm thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and downloading The Hunger Games onto my Kindle app for my Macbook. I'm typically not a fan of books that fall under this genre; I'm more of a romance girl, but I {seriously} haven't heard one bad thing about them, which leads me to believe that I'll most likely end up liking them too. This will also help me complete my Read 30 Books For Fun New Years Resolution. I would ask if you guys are a fan of the series, but like I said, I'm sure from what I've heard that anyone who's read it loves it :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

How I Plan My Posts

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be more diligent and organized about posting on my blog. To ensure that I kept up with this resolution, I came up with a great organization system that helps me to plan out my posts and keep track of how frequently I post. 

First off I use my Lilly Pulitzer agenda
I have the large agenda in Luscious. I use this for everything - school assignments, doctors appointments, my work schedule and now, my blog posts :). 

Previously I've only used the daily calendars to write down all my tasks for the day. I never really had a use for the monthly calendar except to write down major events, so I decided that it would be the best place to keep my blog posts organized.
There's really not a whole lot to it, but on each day, I write down what I want to post about {novel idea, isn't it?}. I make sure to write the post topics in pencil, that way if for some reason I can't post on the day that I had planned, I can easily move it to a different date. I HATE when things are crossed out, it looks so messy! 
On the left hand side, I have other post ideas that I'm not quite sure when I want to talk about them. This is where I'll write down an idea if it pops into my head in the middle of class. I like the idea of having back-up post ideas, that way I'm never sitting at my computer having writer's block. 

Like I said, there's really not a whole lot to it, but I am a sucker for organization and so far this system has been working great for me!

What are the ways that you keep track of your posting schedule? What works for you to make sure that you stay organized?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday - Most Worn Jewelry

Linking up with Rachel!
Just Peachy

This Top 5 Tuesday was literally made for me because as much as I love jewelry, I have a hard time straying away from wearing my favorite pieces and trying to incorporate all the other pieces that I am always so tempted to buy ;). Most of the pieces with the exception of the earrings, were given to me as gifts and each have a special meaning. 

(Sorry for the craptastic photo. The lighting in my apartment bedroom is definitely not the best)

1. American Eagle gold earrings. These were just a random buy one day and ended up being one of my favorite pairs of earrings. They go with EVERYTHING!
2. Toy Watch. This was a graduation gift from very close family friends. I adore it and it even comes with hot pink and black bands that I can change out as I please
3. My Rings. Sorry they're so hard to see, but the top one is a Tiffany Band with hearts cut out of it and the bottom one is a sparkly Juicy Couture Bow Ring. Both rings were from my parents and I just love them. 
4. Tiffany Charm Bracelet. I've had this bracelet ever since 7th grade when my parents got me the simple bracelet with a heart charm engraved with my monogram and the date I received it (my 13th birthday). Ever since then, on certain holidays and birthdays I've received various other charms. Each one means something and is special to me for one reason or another. In addition to the heart I currently have a pink cupcake, the Eiffel Tower, a crown, a heart in a lock, a blue present, and a lock charm with Class of '10 engraved on it. I wear this ALL the time!
5. Tiffany Key Necklace. This was a graduation gift from my parents and something that was completely unexpected. It means so much to me and I wear it all the time. As cheesy as it sounds, it reminds me of my family and how close we are. This is a piece that is worn pretty much every day. 

As you can see, jewelry means so much more to me when it has a special meaning and comes from someone special, which is the main reason why it's so hard for me to wear anything else!


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