Friday, January 6, 2012

How I Plan My Posts

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be more diligent and organized about posting on my blog. To ensure that I kept up with this resolution, I came up with a great organization system that helps me to plan out my posts and keep track of how frequently I post. 

First off I use my Lilly Pulitzer agenda
I have the large agenda in Luscious. I use this for everything - school assignments, doctors appointments, my work schedule and now, my blog posts :). 

Previously I've only used the daily calendars to write down all my tasks for the day. I never really had a use for the monthly calendar except to write down major events, so I decided that it would be the best place to keep my blog posts organized.
There's really not a whole lot to it, but on each day, I write down what I want to post about {novel idea, isn't it?}. I make sure to write the post topics in pencil, that way if for some reason I can't post on the day that I had planned, I can easily move it to a different date. I HATE when things are crossed out, it looks so messy! 
On the left hand side, I have other post ideas that I'm not quite sure when I want to talk about them. This is where I'll write down an idea if it pops into my head in the middle of class. I like the idea of having back-up post ideas, that way I'm never sitting at my computer having writer's block. 

Like I said, there's really not a whole lot to it, but I am a sucker for organization and so far this system has been working great for me!

What are the ways that you keep track of your posting schedule? What works for you to make sure that you stay organized?


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