Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Snippets

It's Sunday, it's cloudy and cold out, and I'm starting to get sick. All I want to is lay in bed cuddled up next to a box of tissues and my remote while I alternate between watching episodes of the Kardashians and Gossip Girl on Netflix and the Dance Moms marathon. 


I have so much reading to do {and it's only the first week of's going to be a long quarter}. So I've just made myself a cup of coffee and have gotten myself cozy with a highlighter and a two foot stack of books, hunkered down for a long evening. 

However, on a brighter note:

- Desperate Housewives is back, after their random month-long hiatus {not a fan ABC, not a fan}. What's even going on anymore??
- I went shopping at some boutiques in the city yesterday and got some goodies at Lush and an awesome deal on a Michael Stars t-shirt. 
The Green Bubble Bar and Vit E & Moon and Sun Toner Tabs. The bubble bar is supposed to be super moisturizing and gives me an excuse to take a bubble bath. The woman at the store told me that you twist it open like an Oreo and then you use one side and crumble it under the water as your bath tub fills up. Definitely can't wait to try it! The tabs get dissolved in hot water and then you can give yourself a mini facial. The Moon and Sun tab is supposed to help with acne and the Vit E tab is good for making your skin super smooth--two things that I'm always on the look out for!

$15 dollars for a Michael Stars black V-Neck?! I'll definitely take it! I live in basics like these, so anytime I see one for an outrageously good deal, there's no way that I can resist snatching it up!

Hope everyone has a lovely week,

P.S. I'm thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and downloading The Hunger Games onto my Kindle app for my Macbook. I'm typically not a fan of books that fall under this genre; I'm more of a romance girl, but I {seriously} haven't heard one bad thing about them, which leads me to believe that I'll most likely end up liking them too. This will also help me complete my Read 30 Books For Fun New Years Resolution. I would ask if you guys are a fan of the series, but like I said, I'm sure from what I've heard that anyone who's read it loves it :)

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  1. I've never been to Lush, but I really want to try their products! You should definitely get the Hunger Games, they're AMAZING! I'm loving your blog!


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