Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!
This week I'm doing a What I'm Loving post and linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love!

I'm loving pretty much everything from J. Crew. Sometimes I can walk into the store and not be drawn to anything, but not this season. I've been finding myself wanting one of everything!

I'm loving that this quarter is almost halfway over. This quarter is definitely the busiest one I've ever had. 

I'm loving looking at internships for this summer. Although I mentioned on Twitter that it's extremely time consuming, it is exciting thinking about what I could potentially be doing this summer!

I'm loving this shirt I found at Forever21 over the weekend. I want to wear it everywhere and never take it off. If it was acceptable to shower with clothes on, I most definitely would for this baby. 
You can't tell very well because of the Instagram effect, but it is in the most gorgeous shade of turquoise I have ever seen and it's soft and delicate and I said, I'm in love. 

As you could probably tell from above, I'm loving Instagram. It encourages me to a. actually take picture and b. be a little artsy fartsy with them :)

And finally, I'm loving that my future husband Nick Jonas is now playing the lead role in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway. His opening night was last night and from what I heard, it was spectacular. I'm still working on convincing my mom that I need to go to NYC for my birthday this summer, but hopefully everything will work out and I'll be able to make it to a performance. 

xo, Ellyse 


  1. Love For. 21!! They have such pretty, unique things for great prices!

  2. what a pretty blouse!!

    great list :)

    cute blog!

  3. That shirt is so cute! Forever 21 can have some really cute stuff. And yay for the quarter being 1/2 over1

  4. LOVING that shirt!

    xo Christine


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