Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday - Romantic Movies

Better late than never, right?

Happy Valentine's Day!! I honestly can't think of a better day to celebrate my love for the color pink!

Just Peachy

Top 5 Romantic Movies
As if there could possibly be a better category for me. I am the biggest sucker for a chick flick that you will ever meet. I could probably expand this list to be a top 100, but I promise I'll just keep it to five today.

1. The Notebook - Such a classic and it never ever ever will get old. Doesn't even need explaining. This should be on every top 5 list ;)

2. The Vow - Saw it and loved it, although I was a little disappointed with the ending. I would have definitely done something different with it...but the producers never asked for my input. I know...strange, right? Plus I have the jacket that Rachel McAdams' character wore in the scene where she's telling her dad that she's quitting law school again. I freaked out a little...NBD. 

3. The Proposal - Okay first of all Ryan Reynolds is in it and as if it needs a second of all, I just think the story is so cute. Plus I wouldn't mind living in that house in Alaska, having a little fluff-ball named Kevin or having Betty White be my crazy dancing grandma. 

4. 13 Going On 30 -  This is the movie that made me decide that I wanted to work at a magazine one day. Throw in a few excellent dance scenes {can anyone say ice, ice baby?} and you've automatically got me sucked in. And I just love Jennifer Garner so this is an obvious fave. {I almost always cry tears of joy at the end too when she goes back in time and then ends up marrying Matt...too cute}.

5. Love and Other Drugs - Jake Gyllenhaal could literally play any role in any movie and you would still find me in front of the TV drooling. I heard of a lot of people who didn't like this movie and I didn't particularly care for Anne Hathaway playing the female character, but I LOVE the storyline and, like I believe I mentioned earlier, Jake. 

So pretty much what we can conclude from my selection for the most part is that any movie starting with "the" and ending in some sort of romantic, love-related noun will be an automatic favorite in my book. 

However, one movie that will never ever be seen on my favorites is Titanic. The whole concept of sinking ships and large amounts of people drowning to death just kinda creeps me out. I know that the overarching theme of the movie is more than that, and it's supposed to be about unbreakable love, but it just doesn't do much for me. Add in the fact that it's like a bajillion hours long and my attention span is about 1/20th of that and you can pretty much count me out. Also can we just talk about how Jack looks like he's 18 and Kate looks like she's pushing 30? Um, just no.... Ok I'm done & sorry to any Titanic lovers out there whom I may have offended.

And of course, I'm linking up with Rachel at Just Peachy!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day :)
xo Ellyse 


  1. Good picks... Ahh this definitely makes me want to binge on movies this weekend.I have a movie rental addiction so I may have to do that! Haha But I stumbled upon your blog this afternoon and I liked it so much I had to become a follower. I look forward to reading much more!

    -Sarah from livinglifelakeside.blogspot.com

    1. Sarah! Thank you so much. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw that you commented. I've been following your blog for a while now and I love it!


  2. Oh my word I LOVE all of those movies. The Vow wasn't quite was I expected but it was still cute.


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