Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday - Spring!

Just as I do nearly every single Tuesday {what can I say, I like routine}, I'm linking up with Rachel at Just Peachy to share the five things that get me giddy about spring!

Just Peachy

1. The fact that summer comes after it. 
Seriously though, there's only 73 days left until school's out...

summer loving
2. Cute colors. 
I am love, love, loving the peach and mint green colors that are all over the place this spring.

3. White jeans. 
Makes any outfit instantly 10 times cuter. Of course, not before Easter though...just kidding, I've already broken this rule; I couldn't resist. 

4. Gorgeous weather. 
Especially this year. It's been unseasonably warm, as I'm sure anyone who walks out their door on a daily basis can affirm, but I just thought I'd clarify. It's nice enough that you don't need a jacket and can rock a cute pair of shorts, but at the same time, it's still cool enough that you don't look like you just left Bikram Yoga the second you step outside. And along with gorgeous weather comes pretty flowers!

5. Trench Coats and Ballet Flats
Besides the fact that they make a perfect pair, these are two items that I could buy nonstop. 

How perfect is this entire outfit and why is it not in my closet?



  1. I am right there with you on gorgeous weather! And I think white jeans can be worn whenever it is warm outside. I wish I had some..I'd totally be wearing them now!

  2. i love the Spring colors too;and ballet flats are my favorite :)

    cute blog!


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