Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday

I'm participating in a new link-up this week, with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup.

It's OK....

- That my favorite pair of jeans right now are a pair that were only $12 from Forever 21 {but it's not ok that they get blue dye all over everything. Still working that one out...}

- To reeeeallly want these next 2.5 years go by quickly. I can't wait to be out of school!

- That the only action my iPod has been getting lately is playing a combination of One Direction and Ed Sheeran songs. Clearly I just wish I was British or something, or at the very least, had an awesome accent. I am mildly obsessed and I regret none of it. Judge me.

- And that this is SO GOOD and I can't stop listening to it. Tell me that isn't real talent. Have you ever gotten a standing ovation from Simon? Yeah, didn't think so.

- That I've had constant ADD for the past 2 weeks. Every time I sit down to do homework.....well actually never mind because I haven't even sat down to do homework. Naughty me.

- That I've realized that I can get by in Philosophy class without saying anything if I just look off into the distance as if I'm pondering some deep, complex thought.

- To be disappointed that I have to wait even longer to study abroad :( If I want to stay on schedule, I won't be able to go until the fall of my senior year, which seems like eons from now.

- To not do anything the night after a really hard midterm except for wallowing in your self-pity and devouring every kind of junk food imaginable with your roommates {once in a while, anyways ;)}.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!
xo Ellyse

Monday, April 23, 2012

I Will Survive...

While most normal people in the world are wrapping up the school year and taking finals, I am just taking my midterms this week {thank you quarter schedule}, which results in me spending countless hours/living in either the library or Starbucks. Side note: I just really don't understand why the Starbucks underneath my apartment isn't open 24 hours a day. I would legitimately live there and would be your most valuable customer, Starbies. I promise! I happen to have a strong attachment to making lists, so I thought I could provide you with my list of necessities for surviving exam week, whether it be midterms or finals. So without further ado....

{Surviving Midterms (Or Finals) 101

Exam weeks are a great time to rack up the play counts on your favorite songs. For some reason, music just sticks with me and motivates me so much more when I'm listening to it with headphones instead of over the speaker on my computer. You won't see me studying anywhere without my iPod! Right now I'm loving Lego House by Ed Sheeran, Payphone by Maroon 5 & Moments by One Direction {I'm definitely on the bandwagon with the rest of the teenies...sorry I am so not sorry ;)}.

Gym Shoes
I find that I focus best when I make sure to get a workout in before I start for the day. It just puts me in the best mood and gets my brain awake and moving for the day.

Nail Polish
Perfect for taking a little 5-10 minutes break between reviewing chapters. I'm loving Essie's Absolutely Shore at the moment.

Comfy Clothes
Days when you're heading straight from class to the library are not the time to be wearing those restricting jeans. I could live in Norts as I'm sure every other college girl could, and leggings are perfect for when it's a bit chillier out. Throw on a v-neck, and it at least looks like you took some time to pull yourself together even if that's far from the truth. 

A Reward :)
I'm lucky enough to live two blocks away from a delicious cupcake shop, so I can make sure to stop by and reward myself at the end of a busy and stressful week. Making sure to take time to reward yourself, whether it be taking the afternoon off and relaxing or buying yourself that new shirt you've been eyeing is something that I've learned to do to make sure that I stay sane.

Fun Supplies
I challenge you to find a page of my notes that doesn't have some form of color on it. Colored pens and highlighters make studying that much more fun {as fun as it can be anyways}. I also love having a fresh stack of post-it notes {neons, of course} to scribble down anything that I want to make sure to review later or just little reminders to myself.

Off to work on my Philosophy take home essay exam,
xo Ellyse

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

British Prep

I most definitely wouldn't call my style preppy. I mean don't get me wrong, I love, love, love me some Lilly and Jacks, but at the same time, I like to branch out and try some trends here and there. I guess if I had to put a label on my style it would be girly-classic with a touch of trendy. I love timeless staples, but I also can't wait to show off my lace shorts and maxi dress this summer. 

All that aside though, there is one preppy brand that I just can't get enough of. Ever.

Enter Jack Wills.
 British Prep

Definitely could see myself wearing everything and of course I want it all!

xo Ellyse

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bloggie Break

Sorry for my little bloggie break that I took this past week. 
So, what's new with me, you ask?

Well for starters, I've been swamped with school work, but am having the hardest time focusing on and completing any of it. It could be the fact that I'm not really too fond of any of my classes this quarter {umm Philosophy, Speech and Archaeology? No thank you}, or that there's always a new One Direction performance to watch on YouTube {don't even get me started on this most recent teenie obsession of mine! I swear I'm like a preteen at heart}, or just that I find myself daydreaming more and more and wanting to be out of school, but regardless I have to constantly remind myself that I just can't afford to procrastinate or slack off. So I took some time away to figure out how to deal with all this.

On a more positive side those previously mentioned day dreams are providing me the motivation making me want to work hard. Right now I'm envisioning myself studying abroad in London next year and interning in New York with one of my best friends, Jenny, the summer after my junior year. Those two things are currently providing me a constant reminder that if I slack off now, I won't be able to accomplish what I want. 

Regardless, I think I've found myself a good plan to get through the next six weeks that are left in Spring Quarter and then I can turn my mind back to daydreaming and hopefully making those two things a reality! 

Sorry for the super rando post that probably makes no sense, but I'll be back full swing tomorrow!

How do you guys focus when you find yourself losing momentum and lacking motivation? What gets you back on track? I would love to hear your tips


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mint Condition

Last week I was shopping downtown after class with one of my good friends from high school who was home for spring break. I stopped into Zara {I'd never been before!} and found an AMAZING pair of mint jeans, just like I had been looking for. 

However, I still wasn't convinced that I'd get that much wear out of them and didn't want to buy a trendy item if I wasn't truly going to wear it. I tried them on to see what size I would be, just in case, and then left without them. A few days later, however, I couldn't stop thinking about them and bought them online anyways. Originally I wanted the cropped version, but by the time I made up my indecisive mind, they were sold out, so I settled for the pant style instead. 

They came in the mail yesterday and I couldn't wait to put together a few outfits that I could see myself wearing with these pants. I think the key is to keep the top simple or neutral, as the pants are obviously going to be the focal point of the outfit!

Mint Jeans
L-R: 1. Tory Burch Double Wrap Bracelet // 2. Stella & Dot Bracelet Variety // 3. Tory Burch Leather Logo Buckle Bracelet // 4. Michael Kors Round Rose Gold Glitz Watch

Outfit 1
Perfect for an in between spring and summer day. I would throw on the watch and the colorful Tory wrap bracelets with this!
Top: J.Crew Blythe Silk Blouse
Shoes: Tory Burch Miller Thong Sandal

Outfit 2
A little bit dressier, obviously and super adorable for a sushi date with friends. I would take a risk and throw on the navy wrap bracelet set from Stella & Dot {even though the shoes are black ;)}.
Top: Vince Sequin Embellished Crepe Top
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini Savoye Pump

Outfit 3
This is a great everyday outfit. Just throw on flats during the day and switch to the wedges at night! You could really wear any bracelet with this!
Top: Dorothy Perkins Gold Foil Lace Tee
Shoes: TopShop Pastel Split Sandal Wedges


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday - Beauty Products

Hello, hello, hello!
It's time yet again for Top 5 Tuesday and of course I'm linking up with Rachel at Just Peachy to share the five beauty products that I cannot live without!

Just Peachy

Top 5 Beauty Products

1. Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink - The perfect everyday shade. // 2. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse - Perfect for those of us who weren't given the bronzed goddess gene. // 3. Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara - Love this stuff. Mascara is the one thing I will always put on!  // 4. Moroccan Oil - Smells delicious and does wonders for my hair. // 5. Nail Polish - My nails are pretty much always painted. My favorites are OPI and Essie!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Motivational Monday

A cute little reminder that I scribbled in my planner for this week!

As the school year progresses, I am finding myself needing a constant reminder that one bad day does not and will not define your life. When I stumbled across this quote on Pinterest, I just couldn't resist jotting it down for some motivation this week!

Hope everyone has an excellent Monday,


P.S. Crystal from Life According to Crystal is giving a away a Clarisonic this week! Head on over to her blog to check out this awesome giveaway :)
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