Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday

I'm participating in a new link-up this week, with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup.

It's OK....

- That my favorite pair of jeans right now are a pair that were only $12 from Forever 21 {but it's not ok that they get blue dye all over everything. Still working that one out...}

- To reeeeallly want these next 2.5 years go by quickly. I can't wait to be out of school!

- That the only action my iPod has been getting lately is playing a combination of One Direction and Ed Sheeran songs. Clearly I just wish I was British or something, or at the very least, had an awesome accent. I am mildly obsessed and I regret none of it. Judge me.

- And that this is SO GOOD and I can't stop listening to it. Tell me that isn't real talent. Have you ever gotten a standing ovation from Simon? Yeah, didn't think so.

- That I've had constant ADD for the past 2 weeks. Every time I sit down to do homework.....well actually never mind because I haven't even sat down to do homework. Naughty me.

- That I've realized that I can get by in Philosophy class without saying anything if I just look off into the distance as if I'm pondering some deep, complex thought.

- To be disappointed that I have to wait even longer to study abroad :( If I want to stay on schedule, I won't be able to go until the fall of my senior year, which seems like eons from now.

- To not do anything the night after a really hard midterm except for wallowing in your self-pity and devouring every kind of junk food imaginable with your roommates {once in a while, anyways ;)}.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!
xo Ellyse

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