Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For My One and Only Spicy Marmalade

Jenny and I met junior year of high school in Yearbook. We didn't talk to each other at all because we were both convinced the other was mean, but when we were forced to work on an assignment and realized that we both spoke sarcasm as our first language, we never looked back. To this day she's the person I've kept in touch with the most from high school & when we get together, no matter how long we've been apart, we don't miss a beat. I wrote this and posted it on my Tumblr during my freshman year when it felt like I hadn't seen her in ages. 

Dearest Jennifer,
I am so glad that we met in Yearbook. I feel like I’ve known you for way longer than 2 1/2 years. You have been there for me through everything and you know when I need to be comforted, but also when I need a plain old slap in the face. I love that we’re not the same exact person, but at the same time we are. You’re the only person I know who will go with me to Starbucks and then want to spend countless hours at a bookstore looking through magazines or sitting somewhere talking about our futures. I love that we have serious conversations about everything; you’re honestly the only person I know who I can do that with and who I feel like actually understands what I’m saying. I’m glad that you know how to put me in my place. I love how I know that if something has black and white stripes on it, you’ll wear it. I loved how one time you sensed that I was having a bad day, so over lunch you went and bought me a caramel apple. It seems so small, but you’re the only one who did it and who knew me well enough to know how I was feeling. Thanks for bringing me food while I was at work countless times, for sitting there with me, and for letting everyone within a 25 foot range of us know that I have a huge butt. In fact all of these things seem so small, but they’re the things that set you apart.
You helped me through so much, especially last year when I was stupid about something that now I can’t even believe I got so upset about it. Literally I want to throw up thinking about how pathetic and desperate that made me seem, but you knew that, and you told me that I needed to move on. It took time and you understood that, but all the while you reminded me that one day I would look back on it and think “what on earth was wrong with me.” Well, shocker, you were right. ;). Thanks for being the one who had enough courage to tell me that to my face, in the way only a true friend could. 
There’s so much more I could say, but I really have to go to the bathroom, so I’ll just let you know: once my co, always my co.


 {A completely ridiculous throwback to senior year. Clearly we need a new picture this summer!}

Every single thing in this letter is still true. Thank you for being such a great friend Jenny. I love you more than spicy buffalo pretzels, Peetah Beasley & Red Mango combined! I can't wait for summer nights making fun of the stupid decisions that the Bachelorette will inevitably make all while stuffing our faces with Ben & Jerry's and complaining about how it's not fair that we'll never be Lauren Conrad. 
P.S. I'm still holding you to living in NYC with me next summer; I'll teach you how to become a city girl & we can at least channel our inner LC....I'll be saving my pennies :)

xo Ellyse

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