Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday was the last day of school for the seniors at my high school and seeing all the pictures on Facebook made me reminisce a little bit. I loved spring semester senior year. Actually I loved high school in general, but that particular semester was just so much fun. It seemed like there was always something going on after school and everybody was just so friendly with everyone because deep down everyone wanted to soak up their last few months of high school before everything changed. It was basically one giant party, for lack of a better term, and I wish it never had to end, but all good things must, right?

 For the seniors's last week of high school, every day has a different theme and everyone dresses up, hence the togas.

Clearly we had enough of the picture taking...

Yearbook seniors :)


Last day of high school ever!

Graduation {clearly too sunny}

Can't forget graduation parties...alllll summer long haha

xo Ellyse


  1. It was really sad seeing the seniors on the last day yesterday. And it is really weird seeing pictures from the old school! I can't wait for senior year and I am on yearbook!

    1. I know, I even got sad for them just from seeing all their pictures haha
      Senior year was the best; enjoy all of it!! And yearbook was easily one of my favorite things about high school! Have so much fun :)


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