Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning

My obsession with being organized always results in me going through a thorough spring cleaning when April and May roll around. Lately I've been working on weeding out old files from my computer and trashing downloads that I no longer need to access. 

For some reason though, I stumbled across some things that should have been thrown out ages ago. I may be a freak about being organized, but I also happen to SAVE EVERYTHING!

Exhibit A: A journal entry/my attempt at predicting the future

Apparently I was oblivious to the time commitments that being a professional athlete and a "Chief Editor" warranted when I was in junior high. Either that or I just decided that I would magically transform into superwoman and have two amazing jobs at once. I do now realize that this isn't possible...Also if I ever revert back into my junior high days {which I pray for my personal sake of saving myself from complete and utter embarrassment that I never, ever have to do} and you ever see me typing in royal blue, size 16 Tahoma, please someone slap some sense into me. I give you complete permission. 

Exhibit B: My Christmas Wish List Powerpoint from 2006

Always something important to keep. Just in case, you know, the hot pink fuzzy zebra blanket or big hoop peace earrings make a comeback. In that case, I won't even have to sweat making a new Christmas Wish List. I'm clearly just being prepared and thinking ahead to the future here guys....

Exhibit C: My Old Soccer Team's Attempt at Songwriting

We came up with several of these during a team sleepover after someone had found a ukelele in the basement that we were all hanging out in. This by far was the best one. Lance was our coach. He was old {because when your 12, you might as well be bald and wearing dentures by the time you're in your late 30s}. He ripped his pants. The end.

Do you ever go through your old stuff and realize what a strange child you were?

xo Ellyse


  1. I love going through all of my stuff from when I was a kid. I also made a few power points whenever I wanted something from my parents, just to convince them that I REALLY needed it. I found a letter I wrote to myself in 2nd grade saying that when I grew up I wanted to be a doctor and a famous author...apparently I didn't realize how much work the two would entail.

    1. Hahaha the classic convincing Power Point. My sister and I made those up when we were trying to redecorate our bedrooms when we were younger, and it actually worked!


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