Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ugly Big Truth-Tellers

Brace yourself because this is about to be a long (but turbulence-free) ride. If you don't like Pretty Little Liars, then I sincerely apologize. 

Let's talk about the finale, shall we?

Clearly this is a show that I am wayy too far invested in as a twenty year-old, but it makes me feel better knowing that my entire Twitter feed was filled with a combination of "sadfnksladfnaskldfn", "OMG I'm DEAD" or "BRB crying" every time the plot took a turn or we found anything out about A last night. 

First things first, if Caleb's dies, I boycott the show. Okay, that's probably the biggest lie I've told since first grade when I told my parents that I went to Spanish Club after school, but really went to Brownies instead. As if I was going to sit and count to ten in a language I didn't understand when there were crafts to be made! Anyways, my guilt got the best of me in the end, and I sat on the stairs that night, waiting for my parents to pass by and ask me what was wrong. I then proceeded to burst into tears and admit what an awful person I was because yo no fui al club de espaƱol. Clearly I'm no pretty little liar. But I digress....

I LOVE Caleb {and honestly Toby and Ezra too. Don't make me pick :(}, I'm all about his bad-boy aura, and Haleb is just too freaking adorable. Side note, I quite enjoyed when he was being lifted into the ambulance on the stretcher. Can I get a woot woot for more shirtless Caleb next season? I thought so. I still think there's lots more to be learned about Caleb, such as why he's such a good hacker and I think there's more to the whole my-mom-has-a-lot-of-money-and-just-decided-to-give-me-all-of-it storyline, so obvi he just can't be dead yet.

Nate is dead though. Thank goodness. I know that makes me sound completely morbid, but he gave me the heebie-jeebies. I knew as soon as he showed up that he was up to no good. He just seemed shady from the start. In the last episode when Jenna told Emily to be careful who she hangs out with, I was 100% sure that she was referring to Nate. 

Along the same lines, Emily never ceases to amaze me with how naive she can be. I feel like she's always getting into trouble. Maybe it has to do with the the whole swimming = a waterlogged brain thing. Um hello, Ryan Lochte anyone? The guy's adorable, but watching him do an interview is just plain painful. Sorry bro. 

The thing about Emily is that she trusts people way, way, wayyyy too easily. And can I just add that if you're running away from a potential killer, why would you trap yourself in the the only thing for miles that is lit, where Nate can easily see you inside and that you have no way out of? Just saying....

But then Caleb shows up and you knew the second that he put his gun down it was going to be bad news bears...and it is. 

And then of course we have Toby. This was seriously devastating. And yes, I actually was devastated by a TV show. Toby's the guy that you're rooting for all along and then he comes along in his black hoodie and just FSU. I still think he's in love with Spencer though. One of the theories that I came across today while I scrolled endlessly through Tumblr on the Pretty Little Liars tag, was that Toby only joined the A-team so that he could watch over Spencer and the girls, which means that when A called Emily and told her to get out, it was Toby. I like this theory because this means that deep down, Toby is still a good guy, which is what we all want, right?

And in other news Ezra is still Ezra and is still freaking adorable and Spencer wore even more clothes that made me wish I owned her entire closet. 

What did you think of last night's episode? What are your current theories? 

xo Ellyse


  1. I completely agree with this post haha. I still love Toby though and I am rooting for that theory. By the way, I have the summer spread in yearbook :)

    1. Yay! That's so exciting; you can do so much with it! Mine turned out really bad haha, but I'm sure yours will be great. I'll definitely be on the lookout for it in the spring. Hope you're having a good senior year :)


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