Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Greek!

This past week I went through formal recruitment at my school {it's totally normal to go through as a junior, because my school is FULL of transfer students ;)}. As tiring as the process can be, I had a blast and am so glad that on Sunday I was able to join Delta Gamma!

It's been two days and I am already obsessed with everything DG. I can't wait for what the rest of the year has in store for me and my new sisters!

New anchors

Babies in the city! 

 DG lovin!

xo Ellyse

P.S. I'll definitely be doing an outfit post on what I wore for each day of recruitment, so be on the look out for that :)

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Now Playing - Part 2

There's just something about those songs that are perfect to listen to in the fall, when it's crisp and chilly out and you're snuggled under a blanket sipping a latte. These are only a few of my picks, as my fall playlist is pretty lengthy, but these definitely are some of my favorites to listen to this time of year.

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to when the weather starts to cool off?

Happy First Day of Fall!
xo Ellyse
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Monday, September 17, 2012

#Obsessed: Fall Clothes

This weekend was the last hoorah of warm weather in Chicago. I'm predicting that beginning this week, the weather will be little cooler, the air a little crisper and the leaves a lot crunchier. 

I love fall. It's easily my favorite season. One of the main reasons for my affection for this season? The outfits. I've been scouring Pinterest (make sure to follow me if you don't!) to find some inspiration for the seasons ahead. Here's what I've fallen in love with.

Loving the comfy, cozy feel to this outfit. And of course no fall outfit would be complete without a warm PSL in hand :)

This is such a great way to transition some trendy pieces from summer into your fall wardrobe. I would have never thought that bright yellow and coral could be worn in the fall, but this outfit totally makes it work!

LOVE this! So classic.

I'm starting to sense a trend with the chambray...looks like I'll have to invest in one for myself!

xo Ellyse
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Product Review: Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo

I've been having a problem lately with not being able to keep my hair clean for longer day. Second day hair has not even been close to an option for me, and it's been getting sooo tedious to wash, dry and straighten my hair every night. When I brought this problem up to my hair stylist, he recommended that I try Bumble and Bumble's Sunday Shampoo

It's basically just a super deep cleaning shampoo and will get rid of any extra dirt and oil that normal shampoo won't remove. The bottle says to use this only once a week {presumably on Sunday...}, but I use it two-three times because my hair gets oily quick. When I use this, I only have to wash my hair every other day, which is SO NICE!

This product has been a life saver for me. The first time I used this my hair felt so clean and as if I had just gotten back from the salon. I love it and would sincerely recommend it to anyone who is having a similar problem. 

xo Ellyse
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Polished

I literally always have my nails painted. I kind of feel a little bit naked if I don't. Nails are just so much prettier with a little color. 

Fall nail polish colors are always my favorite because they seem to work the best with my skin tone and hair color. Below are some of my favorites for the upcoming season. 

Fall Polish

I'm currently wearing Size Matters and am in love. It's the perfect deep red for fall!

xo Ellyse
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Branching Out

During the cold Chicago winters, I have a tendency to get in a pants rut. I'll wear dark wash jeans everyday with the occasional pair of black leggings thrown into the mix. After about ten days, this gets a little old, and I feel like I'm not really being creative with my outfits. 

I've heard a lot about the J.Crew Minnie Pants and think they would be perfect for getting me out of this "rut". I love that I could possibly wear these to class, but that they could work for an internship just as well. I tried on a pair a while back and never purchased them, but now I think I'm about ready to jump on the band wagon, give my jeans a rest and buy a pair of Minnies. 

Minnie Pants

Right now J.Crew has some perfect colors for fall! Of course I'm all about the navy, {honestly, probably half my closet is navy} but I also think that the burgundy and forest green colors are great for everyday too. 

xo Ellyse
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Thing You Love

Love, love, love this quote. It's hanging on my wall and serves as the perfect reminder to do what makes you happy and not what impresses others.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead,
xo Ellyse
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Wish List

What are you lusting after for fall?

xo Ellyse
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Open Mind

Today was my first day of my junior year classes, and to say that I was thrilled about the classes I'm signed up for would definitely be a lie. This year, I decided it would be best if I stopped putting off my general ed classes any longer, soI'm signed up to take American Art History, a liberal studies seminar, and Comparative Religions--all required classes here at my school. 

As you may have been able to gather, these are most definitely not my favorite subjects, but I promised myself that I would go into every single class today with an open mind. This goes hand in hand with the promise that I made myself a while back to not be such a Negative Nelly

Instead of dreading ten weeks of learning about art {which in all honesty, is actually pretty cool}, I discovered that my professor is awesome and that we get to go on a field trip to the art museum a few times.

Instead of dreading the class where my professor assigned us to buy ten required textbooks and guaranteed at least 200 pages of reading a week, I realized that the topic of the class was extremely interesting. I'm actually looking forward to doing all the assignments and learning everything the class will be teaching me. 

Now if I'm being 100% honest, Comparative Religions was still a little dry. But I kept my outlook positive by reminding myself that the class is only ten short weeks and then I'll be finished with it and the professor is really great and lenient with grading.

I had a great first day and I'm already looking forward to my PR class tomorrow! It's amazing what a positive outlook can do. I haven't been this excited about school in ages ;)

Wishing everyone a great school year,
xo Ellyse

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School!

Tomorrow is the first day of my fall quarter classes, and no matter what I'm taking, I always get a little excited for the first day! New pens & notebooks and finding out who's in your classes is always fun. It's supposed to be rainy around Chicago, so I plan on wearing something comparable to the outfit below:

First Day of Class
A classic button down is both comfy and casual, while still looking polished, and shows that you plan on taking your classes seriously for the upcoming quarter.  

xo Ellyse
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Move-In Day

Today was spent moving into my apartment at school, and as a result I am completely exhausted. Back tomorrow with a normal post :)

xo Ellyse

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Goals

Post everyday for at least a month ;)

"I really wanna lose three pounds"
Regina George knows what's up.
Read before bed
Next on my reading list...
Take more pictures

Stay creative

Drink water like it's going out of style
Officially toting this everywhere with me. 

What are you aiming for this month?

xo Ellyse
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