Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Branching Out

During the cold Chicago winters, I have a tendency to get in a pants rut. I'll wear dark wash jeans everyday with the occasional pair of black leggings thrown into the mix. After about ten days, this gets a little old, and I feel like I'm not really being creative with my outfits. 

I've heard a lot about the J.Crew Minnie Pants and think they would be perfect for getting me out of this "rut". I love that I could possibly wear these to class, but that they could work for an internship just as well. I tried on a pair a while back and never purchased them, but now I think I'm about ready to jump on the band wagon, give my jeans a rest and buy a pair of Minnies. 

Minnie Pants

Right now J.Crew has some perfect colors for fall! Of course I'm all about the navy, {honestly, probably half my closet is navy} but I also think that the burgundy and forest green colors are great for everyday too. 

xo Ellyse
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