Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Open Mind

Today was my first day of my junior year classes, and to say that I was thrilled about the classes I'm signed up for would definitely be a lie. This year, I decided it would be best if I stopped putting off my general ed classes any longer, soI'm signed up to take American Art History, a liberal studies seminar, and Comparative Religions--all required classes here at my school. 

As you may have been able to gather, these are most definitely not my favorite subjects, but I promised myself that I would go into every single class today with an open mind. This goes hand in hand with the promise that I made myself a while back to not be such a Negative Nelly

Instead of dreading ten weeks of learning about art {which in all honesty, is actually pretty cool}, I discovered that my professor is awesome and that we get to go on a field trip to the art museum a few times.

Instead of dreading the class where my professor assigned us to buy ten required textbooks and guaranteed at least 200 pages of reading a week, I realized that the topic of the class was extremely interesting. I'm actually looking forward to doing all the assignments and learning everything the class will be teaching me. 

Now if I'm being 100% honest, Comparative Religions was still a little dry. But I kept my outlook positive by reminding myself that the class is only ten short weeks and then I'll be finished with it and the professor is really great and lenient with grading.

I had a great first day and I'm already looking forward to my PR class tomorrow! It's amazing what a positive outlook can do. I haven't been this excited about school in ages ;)

Wishing everyone a great school year,
xo Ellyse

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