Monday, October 22, 2012

If It's Not Moving, Monogram It

I've been super obsessed with monograms, lately. My sister and I bought a roll of vinyl the other day and cut out a bunch of monograms with my Silhouette. I've already stuck one on my planner and plan to cover several other things in my initials. 

As a result I've been dying to purchase some other monogrammed items. However, seeing how "Help me, I'm poor" is probably my most-quoted and relatable movie line at the moment, it looks like I'll be adding these items to my Christmas list...

Also, Happy Birthday to my momma, although she refuses to acknowledge that she's another year older...I love you!

Monograms :)

Pendant // Notepad // Scarf // Bracelet // Phone Case // Clutch

xo Ellyse
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  1. Is it bad that I want everything in this post? xx

    1. Isn't everything adorable?! Definitely going on my Christmas list ;)


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