Friday, November 9, 2012


One of my favorite blogger/designers, Katelyn, participated in this handwriting link-up a couple of days ago. 

I immediately went over to Joelle's blog, looked at the posts from everyone else who participated and knew that I wanted to join in!

So it's not gorgeously beautiful, like Katelyn's or Joelle's and I've realized that I seriously struggle with writing in straight lines, but hey, what can you do?

Write it Down

Write out your name, signature, location & a favorite quote and link up! Leave me a comment with your with the link to your post down below too, so I can creep on your penmanship!

xo Ellyse
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  1. I really love your handwriting. it's super cute! as is that quote. it's one of my favorites :)

    xoxo, Amy

    I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! I'll definitely be stopping by and checking out your blog :)

  2. Your handwriting is so pretty, Ellyse! And I love the quote you picked. Thanks for the shout out, you're so sweet! :)

    1. Thank you Kate! It was so exciting to hear from you :) Thanks for stopping by!


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