Monday, December 31, 2012

My Year According to Instagram

2012 was such a wonderful year full of so many new and different experiences for me. It's been great to look back on everything I've been through, but at the same time I'm looking forward to the clean slate that New Years always seems to provide. 

Hope everyone has a great time celebrating tonight!! 
With Love, Ellyse
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

What I've Been Up To....

Nothing but trouble and taking selfies of myself, as usual. 

First of all I sent in my application for Hoarders. Kidding, of course, but I did clean out a bunch of junk that I had no purpose of holding onto. While it was tough to convince myself that I indeed did not need to keep a Victoria's Secret Catalog from 2008 and that stashing Nordstrom shopping bags serves me no known purpose, in the end I was proud of my ability to part with these things. I'm basically a new person...

I've discovered that I absolutely DETEST waterproof mascara. 
A: It never, ever, not in a million years comes off.

B: Because it never comes off, I don't get the pleasure of hopping out of the shower and scaring myself with raccoon eyes.

And C: I prefer to wake-up in the morning with the aid of coffee--not because my eyelash curler gets stuck to clumps of old mascara and rips all my lashes out. 

{Side note: As I write this post, I'm sitting here pulling all the old mascara off my lashes. Beauty is pain, my friends.}

And finally, I laughed so hard I cried at this post, written by the witty Lauren M. Hughes. I am the biggest people-Googler out there. I do it. All. The. Time. Some may call it being a Nosy Nellie, but I simply prefer to refer to it as having a healthy dose of curiosity.

I hope everyone is enjoying their winter breaks and has a great holiday!
With Love, Ellyse
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: Part 2 - Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

// headband // nail polish set  // lip gloss //

Here's a couple of ideas for stocking stuffers {or at least what I'd like to see in my stocking ;)}. Hope all your holiday shopping is going well!

xo Ellyse 
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: Part 1

If you're anything like me, you still have some most of your Christmas shopping to do. I have been working at the boutique like crazy lately so it's been hard for me to get out and shop around. I've made a couple of purchases online, but other than that, I still have plenty left to purchase. If you're a last minute shopper like I am, here are some gift ideas!

Christmas Gift Guide

Hope this helps you with your shopping. Check back tomorrow for some ideas on stocking stuffers {my favorite things to buy}!

xo Ellyse
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas

// Sweater // Pants //
// Clarisonic // Boot Socks // Purse // 
// Wallet // Headband // Pajamas //
// Bracelet // Planner //

Here's a few selections from the Christmas list I've been compiling on Pinterest this year.  
I'm all in favor of filling up my list in order to give friends and family several options while shopping ;) 

When I was younger I put together PowerPoints, complete with photos and URLs for every item, of course. One year I even taped my eight-page list to the mantle so that Santa could come on his own time and check out everything I wanted. Plus it made for killer d├ęcor around the house, so you know, there’s two birds out with one stone!

 Now that I have my own list pretty solidified, I'll be moving on to buying gifts for others. Make sure to check back later on in the week for some gift guides that I've put together!

xo Ellyse 
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