Thursday, March 28, 2013

Work for it

For some reason, whatever it may be, I've been feeling really uninspired lately. I've been finding myself wishing for things that I want in my future, but not willing to take the necessary steps that can put me in the position for those things. Whether it be final papers, applying for internships or writing blog posts, I haven't been dedicating myself to the work 100%. In other words, I've just been plain lazy.  I find that when I get in ruts like these, as cheesy as it sounds, I can be extremely motivated by quotes. 

When I found this quote on Pinterest a few days ago, I felt as if it described the rut that I was in perfectly and served as the perfect reminder that nothing worth having comes easy, or in my case, without work. I'm definitely ready to get back on track!

With Love, 
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