Thursday, April 11, 2013

30 Random Things About Me

I have been such a stranger to this blog lately, so I figured to get back into the swing of things here, I would sort-of "re-introduce" myself by telling you 30 random things about me. And believe me, they sure are random!

1) I like cheese....grilled cheese, macaroni & cheese, cheese pizza you name it. Cheese just makes life better.
2) Now that my cheese obsession is out in the open, let it be known that I will never ever ever eat bleu cheese or gorgonzola cheese. Like ever.
3) I was a finalist to be in a Pampers commercial when I was a baby, but then I had a temper tantrum at the audition, and just like that, my acting career was over.
4) I can quote the entirety of She's The Man, Mean Girls and Santa Clause 2.
5) My sister inspires me and I consider her my biggest role model. She's four years younger than me.
6) When I was younger, I was convinced I was a blonde. Like to the point where I bought a blonde fake hair ponytail thingy, wore it in my hair and told myself that it blended seamlessly. It most certainly did not.
7) Also when I was little I would scream bloody murder if my parents had to take out a splinter or if they tried to pull out a loose tooth. Pain and I were not friends.
8) Sometimes when I'm bored, I look through my pictures on Facebook and wonder how I had friends in high school {but don't we all?}
9) I am extremely, extremely beyond passive aggressive and I'm always the first to apologize because I hate tension.
10) I am obsessed with cupcakes.
11) I always sleep with socks on.
12) My favorite Disney movie/story is Peter Pan.
13) I used to hate my name because it would never be on any of those mini license plates or tacky keychains in airport gift shops, but now I love it because it's so unique.
14) Speaking of my name, I've never met anyone who spells their name the same way that I do.
15) I would LOVE to have my own party planning and styling boutique one day.
16) I am not a morning person by any stretch, but I so badly wish I was, because on the rare occasion that I am up and awake early, I love it.
17) My nails are pretty much always painted because I feel really weird and naked without nail polish
18) I sing way too much for not being very good at it.
19) I have a scar crater on my forehead from chicken pox.
20) Graduating scares the bejesus out of me.
21) And I'm also scared that I'm never going to get married and live alone. Dead serious.
22) I hate pants and bras and when I'm home I wear them as little as possible.
23) I trimmed off half my eyebrow in junior high and thought my life was over.
24) I wish I could draw.
25) I put chapstick on probably every 10 minutes. I'm addicted.
26) I clean when I'm stressed {or procrastinating, which I happen to do a lot of}
27) It's quite possible that I have the world's worst road rage. Like I turn into a completely different person. You have all been warned...
28) I hated college until this year {my junior year} and now I never want to leave.
29) I used to go around my house with a pair of scissors and give the carpet "haircuts".
30) I am the Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus for my school so you should check it out ;) {completely shameless plug!}

With Love,
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