Monday, August 12, 2013

Miracle Beauty Products

You know those beauty products that promise to give you bright, flawless skin, help you lose five pounds and even do your laundry for you? And then you slather some expensive cream all over your face that does none of the above, but instead makes you break out in some weird rash?

Yeah, these are not those products. These babies actually work and I can see myself purchasing these for the rest of my life; I swear by these four products!

This stuff is the Holy Grail of all acne products ever created. I've struggled {and still am struggling} with acne for years. It's no secret that I don't have the best skin in the world, and after trying what seems like every product on the market paired with numerous trips to the dermatologist's office with no success, I was just about ready to throw in the towel when I wandered into Sephora one day and thought I would give this little bottle a shot. 

Not only does it help keep acne at bay, but the Glycolic acid does wonders to get rid of any scarring that you may have! Seriously, I love this product so much that when my brand new bottle of it dropped on my bathroom floor and shattered, I scooped up as much of it as I could and put it into a travel bottle. I'm addicted and I will never use another acne product again!

This is the scrub of all scrubs. It's actually just grains in a bottle, so you just have to pump a little bit of your favorite facial wash into your hand and mix in an equal amount of grains before using it on your face. I love this product because it makes your face feel clean. It gets your face smoother than any scrub that I have ever tried, but will not dry you out at all. Not to mention, this bottle lasts forever. Since you're not supposed to use a scrub everyday, I've had this bottle for over a year and am just now beginning to hit the bottom.

This was the product I was using when I thought of coming up with a list of my miracle beauty products. As soon as I put this gel under my eyes in the morning, any puffiness that I have is instantly gone, literally within two seconds. It seriously will never cease to amaze me how it takes my tired, swollen eyes and makes them bright and perky.

I have heard everyone under the sun talk about how amazing this product is, but I never tried it until earlier this summer. And I have to say, I'm hooked! I put this on in the morning over a regular moisturizer and notice that in no time, my pores are filled in and my skin is super soft. It makes applying make up on top of it so easy because you don't have to worry about making sure foundation doesn't get caught in any lines or that your makeup looks caked on. 

What beauty products do you swear by? I'm always looking to try out new products!

With Love,
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  1. I may or may not be purchasing the first and last products you suggested... (: You keep me young, dear.

    - J -


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