Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Inspiration

I have a crazy busy week ahead of me full of classes and homework, recruitment, job interviews and deadlines. Not only is this week crazy, but I literally do not have a free weekend between now and Thanksgiving.


Sitting at my desk Sunday night staring at the growing to-do list in front of me, I started to freak out slightly. I am at a point in my life where things that I want and aspire to seem so far out of reach, and I'm unsure of what path to take to get to them. It's quite stressful actually. 

When I start to freak out like this, I try to find something inspirational to remind me to keep chugging on before my mind spirals out of control. Thank goodness I stumbled across this list a few years ago!

This list has literally saved me SO many times throughout college. Every time I think I can't do something or I have absolutely no clue where to begin, I pull this up on my computer and read through it. My favorite tips?

- Press send.
I can't tell you the number of times that I put off sending an e-mail because I'm afraid of how the recipient will respond to my inquiry or I'm afraid of what could happen. Just send it!

- Step out the front door. With your running shoes on.
Nothing can re-inspire me like a good run. Not only do I usually come up with good ideas during my jogs, but they always put me in a great mood and after I shower, I'm always ready to tackle some sort of challenge that lies ahead of me. 

- Quit looking at the competition. 
I am notorious for comparing myself to others and it usually only ends in jealously or greed. Thankfully I'm learning to do what's right for me and only me, and to realize that my life is never going to be the exact same as anybody else's. It really is such a relief once I don't feel like I'm in a constant competition with someone else. 

- Quit caring about what other people think.
Enough said. 

Happy Monday everyone!

With Love, 
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