Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Inspiring People

The Everygirl has a recurring section on their blog where they will feature women who are extremely inspiring and not to mention, have really awesome jobs. I love their feature on the Editor-In-Chief of HGTV Magazine, Sara Peterson. It is my absolute dream to work for a magazine, and I've always been under the impression that if I don't have my foot in any type of magazine-related door by the time I graduate, then I have no chance.

This feature was so refreshing and it reassured me that there's no conventional way to make your way into the magazine industry. Plus I discovered that Sara and I share the same habit of hanging on to old Seventeen issues!

Another goal of mine is to one day start my own business. Whether it's been a stationery store, clothing boutique, or cupcake shop, I've always known that I eventually want to be calling the shots of my own store. 

The Everygirl also has a piece featuring Dabney Lee Woglom, an amazing woman who opened up her own stationery shop after following her dreams and starting her own stationery line, much like I want to do one day. Seriously, these features are amazing and they truly offer great insight into how to break into so many different areas.

Regardless of what your future aspirations are, I encourage you to check out the Career Features section on The Everygirl. There are an endless number of inspiring and motivating features on admirable women. It could be just the kick in the pants you need to get going on your goals!

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