Monday, November 4, 2013

The Greatest Time of Year

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I am so glad that it's finally November and the celebrations that accompany the holiday season can finally begin! I know that so many people think that it's way to early to even begin paying attention to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there is no time of year that I love more than's literally my time to shine, people! I live for this!

I was working on homework at Starbucks a couple of days ago and couldn't have been happier to see their holiday cups out and ready to go. That red paper cup honestly boosted my mood so much and got me thinking what it is about this time of year that I literally spend the rest of the year looking forward to. Here are just a few of my favorites

Most Wonderful Time of Year
This is one of the super cheesy, made for TV movies that is only shown on the Hallmark Channel. My family teases me every time they  catch me watching this and my love for this movie has grown to the point where my mom will text me to alert me that it's on if she sees it while she's surfing the channels. Of course I love so many more holiday movies, which I'll definitely be discussing a little bit later on in the holiday season, but for some reason that I cannot explain at all, this one definitely takes the cake.

(Sad news: We don't get the Hallmark Channel on the cable in my apartment...looks like I'll be waiting until I visit home to watch this movie non-stop)

Bath and Body Works Winter

{starbucks drink}
Grande no whip skinny cinnamon dolce latte
Armed with this drink in a pretty red cup pretty much allows me to accomplish anything

{holiday cd}
Michael Buble's Christmas
No questions asked.

Sitting in front of a fire in a cozy blanket reading magazines or wrapping gifts

Putting up the tree
This is an art in our family. We all go to select a perfect, fresh tree and then my dad will bring it inside and hang up the lights. My mom will make popcorn and turn on Christmas in Connecticut and then my sister and I help her hang the ornaments. The finishing touch is for my mom to add ribbon to the tree. It's gone in this order ever since I can remember, and my family is so serious about it that we will wait until everyone is available to do their "jobs". We don't take this lightly!

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