Tuesday, December 3, 2013

christmas gift guide: the roomies

I live with four (sometimes five or six depending on who's staying over for the week) of my best friends. This year instead of trying to buy a nice gift for everyone while watching our wallets, we opted to do Secret Santa so that we only had to worry about buying for one person, ultimately ensuring that everyone will get a quality gift. 

Since my school is on break for six weeks during the holiday season, and all of my roommates went home to different states, we're celebrating Christmas in the apartment after New Years once we all get back. None the less, I've been keeping my eye peeled for the perfect gift for my secret recipient ;). This list includes gifts for every one of my roommates from the sarcastic, coffee addict to the fashion and beauty obsessed. And we all love food with a burning passion, so including the macaroons was a no-brainer.

christmas gift guide: the roomies

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