Sunday, January 5, 2014

snow day!

So far 2014 has begun with a flurry (so punny!) of snow and chilly weather. On top of the seven inches that we received last week in Chicago, right now we are being dumped with another 5-10 inches followed by what is being predicted as record breaking temperatures (the high tomorrow is only supposed to be -10!).

Classes were supposed to resume tomorrow, but they've already been cancelled, so instead of packing up my bags and driving back to school today, I'm avoiding reality for just a little longer and staying inside, hunkering down near my heater and catching up on some long awaited TV shows while I write and read some of my favorite blogs! Days like this definitely call for sipping a latte (if you're brave enough to venture to Starbucks to pick one up) and enjoying the view of the sparkling snow from the inside!

Hope everyone is staying warm!

With Love,
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1 comment:

  1. Wasn't that weather horriblr?! I hope that's the worst, but I'm tired of winter.


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