Friday, February 21, 2014

friday five // 05

ONE // THE CULT OF J.CREW // This article was published back in 2010, but I just recently stumbled across it, and I feel that it still rings true to today. J.Crew is a unique retailer that not many other companies have been able to emulate. 

TWO // RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUTS // Again, this is nothing new on the scene, but lately they've been popping up everywhere, so it definitely seems like they're making their comeback. There's spreads about them in magazines. A new and mindless way to workout your butt and your thighs. Just slip on a band while you're watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars, and before you know it, your legs will be burning. 

THREE // THE OLYMPICS! // This is such a given, but there is nothing that I look forward to more every other year than watching the Olympics. Typically I'm wayyy more interested in the summer games, but this year I've been super tuned into all the winter sports. My faves? Ice skating and men's hockey.

FOUR // HINT WATER // My newest obsession! I try my best to drink as much water as I can, but I get so bored with plain water and always crave fruit juice. This water is the perfect way to ward off my cravings. My favorite flavors are Mango Grapefruit, Raspberry Lime and Pomegranate Tangerine. I'm seriously addicted to this stuff.

FIVE // TORY BURCH ROBINSON LEATHER ZIP TOTE // I'm on the hunt for a new bag for when I enter the real world later this year. My Longchamp has been well loved and it's just not cutting it anymore. While browsing Nordstrom, I came across this bag and I have to have it. Stay tuned next week for a post including my spring wish list this year.

With Love,
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

diy // valentine's day party poppers

I saw this idea for homemade party poppers sometime around Christmas and thought they were so adorable, but really had no need to make them. Nonetheless, I began hoarding toilet paper tubes in an effort to force myself to make them at some point. When I was home this past weekend and remembered my stash, I came up with the idea that these would make the perfect little Valentine's Day gift!

// You Will Need //

- tissue paper
- cardstock
- toilet paper rolls
- confetti
- ribbon or baker's twine
- candy
- pretty embellishments
- crinkle cut shredded paper

// Instructions //

Measure your tissue paper to fit around the toilet paper roll, leaving 2-3 inches extra on each side. Tape the beginning of the tissue paper to the roll and roll 2-3 times until the roll is completely covered and secure with tape. 

Tie off one end of the tube and then fill it with goodies! I stuffed some crinkly paper in the bottom to hold everything in and then tossed in some confetti and candy and finished it off with more crinkly paper on the other end. Once your popper is filled, tie off the other end with the bakers twine. 

Cut a cute piece of card stock to fit the exact length of the toilet paper tube (mine was about 4 inches) and wrap it around the tissue paper. I used a small strip of adhesive on the inside of the card stock so that you didn't see any tape or anything, and I added a sticker just for decoration. Feel free to go crazy with embellishments at this point, but I decided to keep mine simple!

And there you have it! They look super intricate, but are pretty easy to make and are fun to open with little surprises inside!

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

With Love,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

skipper popover

Everyone has always been obsessed with the Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt, but Lilly Pulitzer came out with the Skipper Popover as a part of their growing loungewear collection in their spring 2014 line, and I'm in love! 


This would be the perfect piece for spring! Make sure to check out the other pieces in the loungewear collection too. I'm loving the Leona Zip Up and the Kingsley Pullon!

With Love,
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

friday five // 04

I know I'm a bit late to the game on this one, but if I haven't gone to bed yet, it still counts as Friday, right? It's been kind of a lame week for me: midterms combined with some sort of weird mono/flu/cold sickness that I've been dealing with really isn't my idea of fun and has kept from venturing out into the city. Regardless, I still came across five things that I'm loving this week!

ONE // NIBBLEBOX // When Birchbox came out, I instantly signed up. Who wouldn't want a present every month full of beauty goodies? I'm all about subscription box services, and I'm on a mission to try as many as possible, so when my roommate, Dylan, told me about this new subscription box called a nibblebox, I knew I had to try it. With nibblebox, you mark your food preferences on an extensive list to create a custom snack box that will be delivered to your door every two weeks. It's only $6 per box, and if you use my code ELLYSE4CP, you can get your first and fifth box for free! 

TWO // VISITING HOME // I'm heading home to the suburbs tomorrow, and I'm glad to be getting out of the city for a few days. There's nothing I love more than heading home for a weekend, and I'm looking forward to sleeping in my huge, comfy bed, spending time with my sister, coffee dates with my mom and just relaxing.

THREE// CANDY CRUSH // My addiction is back. If you ever thought that Candy Crush is addicting on your phone, wait until you play it on your's life changing. Kidding, but not really because being sick all week has provided me with the perfect excuse for laying in bed and napping while I wait for lives. Clearly I need to get out more...

FOUR // LIESEL // Not only is my roommate, Liesel my number one fan/reader/supporter, but she also helps me brainstorm post ideas and never fails to make me giggle.

FIVE // HER CAMPUS BLOGGER NETWORK // Earlier this week, I applied to be a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network, not thinking that I would get in. There are so many talented and popular bloggers out there, so I thought that it would be such an off-chance for me to get accepted. When I opened my e-mail a few days later, I was so excited to see the invite to the group, and I'm so excited to get to be a part of some amazing opportunities and meet other bloggers as well!

Have a great weekend!

With Love,
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

be mine

One of the first things you'll learn upon meeting me, is that pink is my absolute favorite color in the world. That being said, Valentine's Day just screams to me and this is practically my day to shine. Not only does February 14th involve more pink than you can imagine, but it also entails sprinkles, sparkles, lace and gold. What's not to love?!

be mine

Ever since I received a sample of Flowerbomb from Nordstrom, I've been obsessed, and those With Love tags from Sugar Paper for J.Crew are perfect for my me and my little blog! 

With Love,
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Monday, February 3, 2014

the front row

This past Thursday I had a pretty unique opportunity to attend a premiere for a new web series called The Front Row. The creator and producer of the show, Georgia, was in my sorority and is amazingly talented. In addition to the show, she balances school work, an internship and a social life. 

The series, created as a replacement for Gossip Girl, follows the lives of the fabulous it-girls enrolled in the elite Colton Duncan Prep in Chicago's Gold Coast. It was exciting to see places that I walk past on a daily basis make an appearance. The pilot episode was intriguing, and it definitely left me wanting more...check it out down below!

Make sure to follow The Front Row on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the series and check out their Kickstarter campaign as well, so that they can raise money to film the rest of the series! 

With Love, 
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