Thursday, February 13, 2014

diy // valentine's day party poppers

I saw this idea for homemade party poppers sometime around Christmas and thought they were so adorable, but really had no need to make them. Nonetheless, I began hoarding toilet paper tubes in an effort to force myself to make them at some point. When I was home this past weekend and remembered my stash, I came up with the idea that these would make the perfect little Valentine's Day gift!

// You Will Need //

- tissue paper
- cardstock
- toilet paper rolls
- confetti
- ribbon or baker's twine
- candy
- pretty embellishments
- crinkle cut shredded paper

// Instructions //

Measure your tissue paper to fit around the toilet paper roll, leaving 2-3 inches extra on each side. Tape the beginning of the tissue paper to the roll and roll 2-3 times until the roll is completely covered and secure with tape. 

Tie off one end of the tube and then fill it with goodies! I stuffed some crinkly paper in the bottom to hold everything in and then tossed in some confetti and candy and finished it off with more crinkly paper on the other end. Once your popper is filled, tie off the other end with the bakers twine. 

Cut a cute piece of card stock to fit the exact length of the toilet paper tube (mine was about 4 inches) and wrap it around the tissue paper. I used a small strip of adhesive on the inside of the card stock so that you didn't see any tape or anything, and I added a sticker just for decoration. Feel free to go crazy with embellishments at this point, but I decided to keep mine simple!

And there you have it! They look super intricate, but are pretty easy to make and are fun to open with little surprises inside!

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

With Love,

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