Monday, February 3, 2014

the front row

This past Thursday I had a pretty unique opportunity to attend a premiere for a new web series called The Front Row. The creator and producer of the show, Georgia, was in my sorority and is amazingly talented. In addition to the show, she balances school work, an internship and a social life. 

The series, created as a replacement for Gossip Girl, follows the lives of the fabulous it-girls enrolled in the elite Colton Duncan Prep in Chicago's Gold Coast. It was exciting to see places that I walk past on a daily basis make an appearance. The pilot episode was intriguing, and it definitely left me wanting more...check it out down below!

Make sure to follow The Front Row on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the series and check out their Kickstarter campaign as well, so that they can raise money to film the rest of the series! 

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