Friday, June 13, 2014

friday five // 08

ONE // 30 THINGS TO LOVE ABOUT SUMMER // Everything that I love about summer has just been summed up in this list. What am I looking forward to? Books that don't involve brain power {I've already plowed through a couple of beach reads}, a constant supply of iced coffee and going barefoot, of course  :)

TWO // 30 DAY THIGH CHALLENGE // In keeping with the "30" theme, I wanted to share this progressive thigh workout that I found on Pinterest. It's the perfect way to get those thunder thighs ready for the summer sun!

THREE // LARA CASEY - MAKE IT HAPPEN // If you are ever in need of the slightest bit of inspiration, you need to read Lara's blog. I have so many plans and ideas for post grad life swirling around in my head, but bringing them to fruition is always something that I struggle with. Lara's Make It Happen movement is just the thing I need to keep me constantly motivated. Seriously, it speaks to me people! She is releasing a new book at the end of the year and you can bet that I already have it pre-ordered and am anxiously awaiting the newest addition to my bookshelf!

FOUR // WORLD CUP // This should be a given, but I'm planning on tuning into as many games of the World Cup as I possibly can. I love the upsets, the controversies surrounding unquestionable calls and overall just watching some quality soccer. While it kills me to say that I don't have high hopes for the U.S. team {they have to beat Ghana in their first game, which is quite a task in itself} I always love watching them and rooting for the home team, even if I'm still a little salty that Landon Donovan didn't make the cut this year :(

FIVE // JOHN MAYER XO // Just listen. I listened to this wayyy too many times over the past week while studying for finals.

Happy {almost} Summer!

With Love,
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