Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Five // 09

ONE // BEST DAYS TO LIVE IN CHICAGO // Never has an article more accurately described my favorite city in the world. I only have a couple of weeks left living in Chicago and then it's back out to the suburbs for a while in an attempt to save up some money, but you can guarantee that I will be counting down the days until I can move back. I miss patio Saturdays and summer parties already :(

TWO // ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK // I'm absolutely hooked on this show and thank goodness I've had some free time lately because I just plowed through 10 episodes in two days and was finished with the first two seasons a few days after that. By no means is this a show that I could ever see myself getting caught up in, but I can't. stop. watching. 

THREE // HOW I USE EVERNOTE // I love this feature on Cara Lynn Livermoore's blog about how she using this handy app. For a while in college I used Evernote to take notes during lectures. It made it so easy to sync up with my iPad and phone so that I could study without having to lug my computer around everywhere or I could pass my notes along to friends. While I had a system down for classes, I've never used this program to it's full capacity, and it was so interesting to read about all the other functions this app had. 

FOUR // NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE // Christmas in July is finally here! TONS of new products including things from designers such as Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Burberry and Frye will be marked down until August 4. Make sure to take a look at some of the things I have my eye on this year!

FIVE // 11 REASONS WHY MARIANOS SHOULD BE YOUR GO-TO GROCERY STORE // Mariano's is a new grocery store chain that is only located in the Chicago-area at the moment. Think Whole Foods, but better. So much better. I loved reading this piece and seeing what unique features these stores have to offer. Any place where you can grab a drink while you shop or have your wine in three minutes is a favorite in my book. Also, know all those times when a new recipe you're trying out calls for a tiny amount of a really obscure spice, but the only way to get your hands on it is to buy a huge jar that you know you'll more than likely never use completely? Mariano's has a solution to that! If you're ever in the Chicago-area and need to go grocery shopping, I highly suggest venturing into one of their locations. Not to mention how delicious their juice bar is. Do I have you convinced yet? 

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