Monday, November 3, 2014

november goals

to be better at documenting
I absolutely suck at taking pictures. To be honest, a large part of why I blog so infrequently these days is because I never have any photographs to share, and I find that pulling pictures from Pinterest day after day is so uninspiring and makes my blog so impersonal. A blog is supposed to be a journal and what's a journal if I can't physically see evidence of what happened in my life?  

In November I will take more photos. I will take photos of everything, even if the subject is boring or I think the photo will turn out bad. I can't get better if I don't start somewhere. Plus, I've finally upgraded to an iPhone 6, so I no longer have to deal with grainy iPhone 4 photos. Hallelujah emoji.

to do just a little bit, every day
I'm working on a pretty big project right now and quite honestly it might be a few months before I'm ready to launch it or make it public, but in November I will be making an effort to work towards my end result every day, even if I can only devote 10 or 15 minutes per day to it. My hope is that with this ritual, spending time daily on this project will become a habit, which is exactly what I need.

to slow down
Commuting and working in the city turns me into a mad woman. I mean I'm not like foaming at the mouth or anything (sorry for the visual), but I'm always late, always in a hurry, never walking fast enough. Granted, having a bit of hustle is necessary sometimes, but in November on the days where there's no reason to bust my booty to get from point A to point B, I want to make sure to slow down a bit more and enjoy the journey. 

What's on your list to accomplish this month?

With Love,

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  1. I'm with you on the picture thing. Sometimes I don't post because I don't have a decent picture and other times I'll just add a selfie or something haha I hope you accomplish your November goals!


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