Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Popsugar Must Have Box

After months and months and months of waiting, I finally decided to go ahead and treat myself to an early Christmas gift by purchasing a Popsugar Must Have Box this month, and let's just say I'm in love. I mean who wouldn't love getting a full-size box of goodies in the mail every month? Exactly.

G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix Popcorn // Tiny Prints Stationery // Dominique Ansel "The Secret Recipes" Cookbook
K. Hall Simpatico Shea Butter Cream // Wine Glass Writers // SORIAL Wallet on a Chain

The box arrives packed with full-sized products...they really don't skimp. I mean they sent me a whole bag of popcorn for crying out loud! Here are a few of my favorites from this month:

K. Hall Simpatico Shea Butter Cream
My skin gets so dry and cracked in the winter, to the point where when I wash my hands at work, by the time I get back to my desk, they are already all dried out and gross. I'm always slathering lotion on to my hands, and this stuff does not disappoint. 

Tiny Prints Stationery
I'll keep this brief because I'm sure by this point we all know my obsession with paper products...I LOVE!

Dominique Ansel "The Secret Recipes" Cookbook
Craving for Cronuts? Then go ahead and whip up a batch. This cookbook alone was about as much as I paid for the whole box, so this was such a great deal. I'm currently pursuing the pages to see if there's any dessert that I can make this week for Thanksgiving.

With everything that came in November's box, it's safe to say that I'll be signing up for December's too. And obviously hoping that there's a few Christmassy things included!

With Love,

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