Saturday, April 2, 2016

Recent Reads

I go back and forth through phases of being obsessed with reading and not having enough time to even pick up a book. Right now? I can't get enough and have at least 10 books that I'm interested in reading next.

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to read 30 new books by the end of 2016. I'm 1/10th of the way to my goal, with only three books crossed off so far, so it's time for me to pick up the pace. You can follow along with my quest on Goodreads, but I thought I'd leave my thoughts on a few of my recent reads below, along with what I'm hoping to dive into next.

Dark Places - After reading Gone Girl and Sharp Objects, I was intrigued by Gillian Flynn's first novel. True to her form, this book took several twists and turns and left me wondering up until the end how the crime took place and who the culprit was. It's certainly the darkest and goriest of her books.

Everybody Rise - After hearing so much about this book, I have to say that while I enjoyed it and it was an easy read, I probably wouldn't recommend it as one of my favorites. It was a little dull for me, and I felt as if I was continuously waiting for the plot to pick up steam. Overall it was a good book, and I'm glad that I read it, but it's probably not going to make my top 10 list anytime soon.

Crazy Rich Asians - Again, this was a book that I had heard a lot about and couldn't wait to get into. It was a bit on the longer end, but I enjoyed the satire that weaved throughout the story and it was a fun read overall. There is a sequel book, but I haven't gotten around to reading it quite yet.

What's next on my list? I've recently started You Are a Badass and am loving it so far, and of course I need to dive into Me Before You before it hits the theaters in June. What are you currently reading? Any recommendations?

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