Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Snippets 03

the history of banana republic | I had no idea that Banana Republic got its start the way it did, and I always love learning about how brands evolve over time. This article explains how the store shifted its focus from being an outfitter for safari expeditions to a go-to for classic workplace staples. Plus, after reading this, the name finally makes a bit more sense to me.

are the 2000s making a comeback? | I sure hope not, but this funny article made me realize how close we are to repeating the horrible fashion trends from my middle school years.

how to save money | I'm always super conscious about how much money I'm saving and am constantly looking for new ways to put money aside. I picked up some really great practices and tips from this article.

qapital | Kind of a carry-over from the last item, but I discovered this app from the SELF article mentioned above...I LOVE IT! Qapital rounds up any debit card purchase that you make to the nearest dollar and instantly deposits the change into your savings. I try to be good about saving money from each paycheck, but with this method, you don't even notice that the money is missing from your account and all that small change can quickly add up.

the newsette | For all my Skimm lovers out there, this daily newsletter is set-up in a similar format, but focuses on fashion, beauty and pop culture.

why i didn't reply to your PR email | Not to toot my own horn, but as someone who has been on both sides of the PR/blogger relationship, I like to think that my pitches to bloggers tend to be well put together, but this article was still an interesting read for me and a good reminder of pitching do's and don'ts.

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